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Our Volunteer Leadership Positions will work closely with the admin team to help keep all of the inner workings of the corps running smoothly. The positions are listed below. Please click on the position for more detailed information. Please email our Corps Director, Katherine Steinacker at if you are interested in joining the team or if you have any questions. Positions marked in red are currently filled.

Volunteer Leadership Positions

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager oversees the inventory, storage, maintenance, and transportation of corps equipment to and from events such as camps, spring training, and tour.


Uniform Manager

The Uniform Manager oversees the maintenance, repair, replacement, cleaning, fitting and ordering of member uniforms, including shoes/gloves.


Fundraising Manager

The Fundraising Manager identifies and researches fundraising opportunities for the corps, then assembles a team to plan, schedule, prepare for, and execute each project/event.


Food Services Manager

The Food Services Manager leads the food services team in meal planning, shopping, preparation, serving, and clean-up of meals during all camps.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is the point of contact for volunteers prior to assignment to the appropriate volunteer manager. The Volunteer Coordinator works to find, recruit, and place volunteers into specific roles and onboard them to the organization, our mission and values, and ensure smooth transition to their team lead. Supports the Corps Director as needed in her duties.


Student Wellness Manager

The Student Wellness Manager is responsible for overseeing the health and wellness of corps members and staff through education around healthy habits, training, and preventative measures as well as obtaining the necessary approvals and providing appropriate care when injuries/illness arise.


Spring Training Manager

The Spring Training Director leads the Spring Training Admin Team in planning, preparing and executing the logistics of the 3+ week event.  Manages an Admin Team responsible for food, transportation and housing throughout the event.


Tour Merchandise Sales Manager

The Merchandise Sales Manager partners with the Executive Team to design and procure merchandise for tour and leads the Merchandise Team throughout tour to drive sales and be brand ambassadors with every patron with whom they interact.


Tour Director 

The Tour Director leads the Tour Admin Team in planning, preparing and executing all logistics of the summer tour.  Manages the Food Services Tour Manager, Merchandise Manager, a Tour Housing Admin, and a Tour Transportation Admin.


Social Media Manager

The Social Media Director drives the strategy, planning, execution and performance of all digital media.


Video Producer/Editor

The Video Producer/Editor is responsible for full-cycle production of video content to be distributed across multiple platforms.


Please email our Corps Director, Katherine Steinacker at if you are interested in joining the team or if you have any questions.

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