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Position Title: Volunteer Coordinator

Reports to: Corps Director

Job Summary:  The Volunteer Coordinator is the point of contact for volunteers prior to assignment to the appropriate volunteer manager. The Volunteer Coordinator works to find, recruit, and place volunteers into specific roles and onboard them to the organization, our mission and values, and ensure smooth transition to their team lead. Supports the Corps Director as needed in her duties.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the volunteer sign-up form responses and reach out to interested candidates within a week of receiving their contact info to better ascertain their interests/capabilities

  • Coordinate with the Corps Director and Team Managers to assign volunteers to a specific team and connect them with their team manager

  • Onboard new volunteers by explaining the mission and values of the corps, and giving them an overview of the responsibilities of their role and the volunteer handbook

  • Update and maintain the volunteer handbook

  • Assist the Corps Director with her responsibilities as needed by request


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