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Position Title: Equipment Manager

Reports to: Corps Director

Job Summary:  The Equipment Manager oversees the inventory, storage, maintenance, and transportation of corps equipment to and from events such as camps, spring training, and tour.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Ensure equipment makes it to and from clinics as needed including: instruments (brass, battery, front ensemble), drum heads, sticks, mallets, color guard equipment, food equipment, registration table and materials, long rangers, uniforms, etc.

  • Oversee cleanliness and organization of The Bunker (storage facility)

  • Coordinate trailer useage or communicate with volunteer coordinator if assistance is needed. Coordinate with students to help load equipment before clinics and to unload the Sunday following a clinic

  • Coordinate equipment delivery to Spring Training and special performances

  • Assist appropriate caption head if instruments need to be maintained

  • Oversee truck loading before tour (shelves in trucks, straps, etc.)

  • Oversee unloading of equipment for long term storage

  • Scaffolding, freezer, and other equipment pickup prior to Spring Training and Tour

  • Building carts and other special projects


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