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Position Title: Uniform Manager

Reports to: Corps Director

Job Summary:  The Uniform Manager oversees the maintenance, repair, replacement, cleaning, fitting and ordering of member uniforms, including shoes/gloves.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee process of cleaning and repairs for pants, jackets, gauntlets, sash, drop, mirror, shako, plume during the off season

  • Oversee fitting and alterations or assist designated uniform fitters during Spring Training

  • Ensure proper recording of uniform size and numbers assigned to students and labeling of uniform bags

  • Oversee shoe and glove fittings and place order (assist COO as needed to follow up with members who aren’t at the camp where the fitting occurs to get their order)

  • Distribute shoes and gloves to students when order is delivered

  • Ensure students are wearing and taking care of the uniform properly

  • Assist with measurements for color guard uniforms


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