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Position Title: Tour Director

Reports to: Corps Director

Job Summary:  The Tour Director leads the Tour Admin Team in planning, preparing and executing all logistics of the summer tour.  Manages the Food Services Tour Manager, Merchandise Manager, a Tour Housing Admin, and a Tour Transportation Admin.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with TEP show contacts to secure housing/rehearsal sites for tour and arranges housing sites when they are not provided by a show host (starts in Feb/Mar)

  • Share our housing requirements/wish list to ensure we have adequate facilities

  • Support Food Services Team in their rotations, preparation, shopping, clean-up and execution of meals

  • Ensure staff and students are obnoxiously grateful to our tour volunteers

  • Ensure all drivers and every volunteer and staff member knows the daily schedule and expectations for housing/show sites

  • Ensure the merchandise booth is organized, staffed and running smoothly

  • Escalate concerns to the Corps Director when appropriate

  • Create and manages the tour schedule, keeping everyone informed of updates or changes to arrival/departure times, breaks along the route, specifics of competitions, etc.

  • Walk through housing sites with host ahead of the corps and notes damages (report in Extranet), locker rooms, staff and volunteer sleeping areas, how to turn off the lights in gym, any special requests for the facilities by the host

  • Delegate to admins and volunteers as needed to complete tasks

  • Check-in at shows with drum majors and note how the corps gets on and off the field, if there are seating restrictions (specific areas, wristbands for members) in the stands, staging area for props

  • Manage badges for competitions among staff and volunteers

  • Point of contact between corps and show sponsors pertaining to housing/rehearsal and contest locations

  • Plot routes, provides maps, locates medical facilities enroute, arranges for mail drops

  • Plot fueling and rest stops

  • Prepare daily schedules to be communicated to members. Keeps schedule board updated on tour

  • Arrange meals on the road not provided by the corps Food Service staff

  • Arrange parking and other logistics for “Free Day” activities

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