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The Battalion operates predominantly on support from volunteers. We continually have a need for volunteers to help with local rehearsals, fundraising events, touring in the summer, and more. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people who share your passion for the arts and support our mission to help youths in our community develop character, leadership skills, artistry, selflessness, and spirituality. We welcome all who are interested in supporting The Battalion. Check out some of the current volunteer opportunities listed below, and let us know if you're interested in joining The Battalion Volunteer Team! 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Leadership Positions

We have many opportunities for people interested in being a leader over our many volunteer groups and working directly with our admin team. Please click HERE to see more information.


Grant Writing/Sponsorships

If you have business development or grant writing experience, we would love to utilize your expertise. We are still working to complete our capital campaign for instruments and acquire all of the assets needed to help the corps be successful in perpetuity. 


Battalion Boosters

Our boosters build the future of The Battalion by organizing and running fundriasing events for the corps.



Registration volunteers help with check-in activities prior to rehearsals or other events.  You would assist the Corps Director in checking in the members, collecting paperwork, medical information, providing name badges and any other registration needs.

Sewing Crew

Sewing Crew volunteers help with uniform measurements, fittings and alterations during our Spring Training. On tour, sewing volunteers handle uniform alterations, repairs and maintenance on a daily basis. They would also be in charge of laundering uniforms on tour when scheduled.  


Food Crew

Food crew volunteers provide food service to the members, staff, and volunteers. At rehearsals, food is often prepared off site and brought in to serve. While on tour, meals will be prepared on site. Duties include food preparation, serving and meal cleanup.  Food is served to 100-180 people depending on the sections attending camp (brass, percussion, etc.). Food volunteers who sign up to help on tour will travel with The Battalion caravan on our tour.


Medical volunteers provide on-site early medical assessment of injuries/complaints as well as minor first aid care and spot checks of the members, staff, and volunteers as needed.  They would call emergency medical help as needed and help coordinate transportation to a local hospital or urgent care clinic as the need arises.  

  • RN or similar – The Battalion is looking for licensed Registered Nurses with Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care Unit, or Emergency Room experience.

  • Sports Medicine or similar – The Battalion is also looking for Sports Medicine, Physical Therapists, Physicians, and other licensed healthcare professionals who may be interested in volunteering over the summer.

Equipment Transportation

Drivers help transport the equipment trailers on tour. We need a CDL driver for our equipment truck. Our food truck is a 26 foot moving truck. This only requires a standard drivers license, and we ask that you have a clean driving record.

Local Staff and Student Transportation

Local transportation volunteers would help with transporting out-of-town members or staff between the airport or bus terminal, to a local camp or housing site.  Based on the number of out-of-state people who need transportation, a schedule is arranged for these volunteers with a list of members/staff and their travel information/contact info.


Tour Management Team

Are you a problem-solver? The Battalion needs volunteers who can join us on tour as assistants for the Tour Admin Team with many day-to-day tasks, projects and requests that are vital to the successful operation of the corps. See more opportunities on the Volunteer Leadership Position page.


"We have lived the drum corps experience, first as corps members, then as instructors, and finally as volunteers. We know first hand of drum corps’ competitive nature and its intense work ethic in advancing to excellence. Members work both individually and together to develop and magnify their talents to exceptional levels. Life-long friendships are born as they enjoy the work and camaraderie of striving together to create a whole which is even greater than its parts. Many such friendships have already been forged in Battalion’s first season. The development of talent, character, and confidence, along with high standards of conduct, is a gift from the Battalion to its members that will translate into future successes in all phases of life.  We are so pleased that two of our granddaughters were members of the 2016 Battalion. The bar has already been raised, and they are both working hard to make Battalion 2017 an even better experience. We can’t wait:  GO BATTALION  -  ONWARD."

- Mary & Bob Wolfersberger

"Volunteering with The Battalion for the last year has been a great experience for our family.  We have enjoyed being around some very incredible, talented people.  Being a volunteer is so important with an organization such as The Battalion, and we continue to look forward to every opportunity to be involved. We have been able to find many areas to help, and the members, staff, and board have always been grateful and trusting of our abilities.  We have helped with rides, photos, food prep and serving, registration, injury support, tour help, and such.  We are grateful they allow us to participate so much—and it is fun to be with our son.  We look forward to the upcoming season and hope to be able to do more to help The Battalion to be an even more successful corps in the coming years."

- Donny and Twyla Helvey

"Volunteering for The Battalion this past summer was fantastic. If parents want to see what life is like for the corps members in The Battalion, they should volunteer. The work allows you to rub shoulders with the staff and other volunteers who run the corps, and it allows you to see rehearsals and corps life up close. Last summer, I worked with other volunteers to distribute and repair the corps uniforms, and while on tour, I helped on the tour busses. The driving force behind the corps is simply a love for the activity. And, consequently, the corps runs almost entirely on donated time. Working as a volunteer alongside others who are there simply because of their passion for drum corps and love for the corps members results in many fond memories."

- Mark Wolfersberger

"It was so incredibly rewarding to volunteer this past year. I have been a parent volunteer since my daughter started band 5 years ago. It's a lot of work, but it's so rewarding when you see how much your child grows. One thing I love about the Battalion staff is that you can't go a day without them letting you know how grateful they were for you and your willingness to serve. Many of them reach a helping hand after food was provided and help with garbages or washing dishes. You didn't feel that you were the "help." You honestly felt a part of the Battalion Family. It was truly an honor to travel along side such wonderful students and staff. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

- Nisha Murray

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