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Position Title: Spring Training Manger

Reports to: Corps Director

Job Summary:  The Spring Training Manager leads the Spring Training Admin Team in planning, preparing and executing the logistics of the 3+ week event.  Manages an Admin Team responsible for food, transportation and housing throughout the event.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with Corps Director to manage student expectations and prepare them for apartment life by providing packing lists, easy meal prep ideas/recipes/shopping lists, etc.

  • Point of contact for Snow College and Snow Garden apartments

    • Know schedule for field usage, other groups in the music building

    • Coordinate daily building access (drum majors had master key last year)

  • Manage admins over housing, transportation, and food service

    • Housing

      • Weekly cleaning checks and daily room checks between admins

      • Check in/ check out process

      • Contact maintenance if things need to be fixed

      • Damage report upon arrival

    • Transportation

      • Airport runs

      • Student transportation to special performances

      • Medical emergency runs

      • Supply runs

    • Food Service

      • Sunday Meals

      • Daily Breakfast

      • Ensure students are getting proper nutrition


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