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Our Core Values

What drives us:

The Battalion Drum and Bugle Corps is a values-based organization. As a team, this is what we believe, and outlines who we strive to be.

Put Students First

We prioritize what’s right for students in every decision we make. We do whatever it takes to provide them with world-class learning and performance experiences. We work relentlessly to earn and keep their trust.

Member Safety

Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, we put the wellbeing of our students first. We embrace the measures put in place to create a safe environment for our members, and we address anything that may jeopardize their wellbeing.

Embrace Diversity

We treat people with dignity and respect. We strive to create an inclusive and wholesome environment and to prosper from our diversity.

Act Like An Owner

We take personal responsibility for the long term success of the organization. We take pride in our individual contributions. We never say “that’s not my job.”

Bias for Action

We move fast. We take calculated risks based the best data and information available. We always drive aggressively to a decision.

Stay Humble

We are quietly confident; not arrogant or overly self-promotional. We let our results speak for themselves. We are focused on the success of the corps, not on personal notoriety

Support the Activity

We know how hard it is to field a corps, so we applaud and encourage all DCI ensembles, especially amid fierce competition.

Demand Exellence

We relentlessly maintain high standards for ourselves and for our students. In every practice we employ, we compare ourselves to the best and embrace a mindset of continuous self-evaluation and improvement.

Communicate Regularly & Candidly

We keep lines of communication open and seek for feedback regularly. We use crisp, professional, straight-forward language to give an accurate accounting of the situation. We confront problems head on. We do not shy away from or delay feedback.

Be Flexible & Have Fun

We accept a certain amount of uncertainty and change will always be inherent in the activity. We look for fun and humor in our daily work. We embrace each other’s unique personalities. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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