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Position Title: Student Wellness Manager

Reports to: Corps Director

Job Summary:  The Student Wellness Manager is responsible for overseeing the health and wellness of corps members and staff through education around healthy habits, training, and preventative measures as well as obtaining the necessary approvals and providing appropriate care when injuries/illness arise.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain official corps medical guidelines and procedures to determine severity of medical issues, obtain parent/guardian permission when appropriate, and apply appropriate care

  • Coordinate education programs for students and staff that prepare them for the rigors of the summer, teach them appropriate prevention and self-care techniques, and manage their expectations around professional pain

  • Advise staff on appropriate training, safety and wellness principles

  • Oversee the efforts of any physical therapists, athletic trainers, medical advisors, or any other trained specialists that interact with or provide care to the students/staff

  • Partner with Executive Team on parent/guardian communications around injury/illness and care


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