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2017 Production Revealed

We're excited to officially reveal our 2017 production Listen to the SILENCE, an original work by Shilo Stroman, John Matthews, & Alexander Entin, featuring movements:

  • Mvt. 1 – Search

  • Mvt. 2 – Embrace

  • Mvt. 3 – Push

  • Mvt. 4 – Balance

We live in a world bombarded by noise and filled with distractions. The din – both audible and cerebral – is constant and deafening. Smartphones, social networks, and streaming media stamp out otherwise pristine moments perfectly primed for thought, reflection, and calm. Is it any wonder, then, why we hunger for moments of stillness?

The Battalion’s 2017 production is an original work by Shilo Stroman, John Matthews, and Alexander Entin that explores this innately human desire to seek for silence.

Check out the show trailer above and download our 2017 production backgrounds for phone and desktop below.

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