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Presenting our 2022 Production

Growth and change are indelible parts of the human experience. Over the millennia, we have

expanded our knowledge, explored our creativity, deepened our connections, and enhanced our

ability to perceive and understand the world around us.

The Battalion’s 2022 production <—eXpand—> explores this constant across multiple


Dimension 1: eXpansion of space

⁃ The iconic themes of Richard Strauss’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra” ignite the imagination,

as the corps explores the expansion of space in musical and visual intervals—a

metaphor for the spark and expansion of existence.

Dimension 2: eXpansion of rhythm

⁃ Next, the corps will explore distances in rhythm and orchestration—a nod to the

expansion of the mind.

Dimension 3: eXpansion of color

⁃ The Vaudeville classic “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” will carry audiences through an

exploration of musical colors—embodying the expansion of emotion and connection.

Dimension 4: eXpansion of texture

⁃ Without texture, there is no depth or richness to life. One of those textures, discomfort, is

often a given in the pursuit of growth. Dissonant progressions and layers expanding in

several directions explore the extremes of the possible.

Dimension 5: eXpansion of time

⁃ Time catches up to us all, but not before we’ve had a chance to expand our point of

view. The return of Strauss, with a few final twists and turns, brings audiences back


Come see <—eXpand—> this summer!

July 13 — Ogden, UT

July 15 — Cheyenne, WY

July 16 — Fort Collins, CO

July 25 — Sandy, UT

July 27 — Denver, CO

July 30 — Normal, IL

August 1 — Sun Prairie, WI

August 3 — Apple Valley, MN

August 5 — Cedar Rapids, IL

August 6 — Charleston, IL

August 8-9 — Marion, IL (DCI Open Class Championships Debut)

August 11-13 — Indianapolis, IN (DCI World Championships Debut)


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