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Meet the Staff - Shilo Stroman, Front Ensemble Caption Head

The following is another feature in our "Meet the Staff" blog series intended to introduce you to the instructors you will meet at our BEX events. In this week's post, we are excited to highlight our fantastic Front Ensemble Caption Head, Shilo Stroman.


Where are you from?

Windsor, CO

Tell us about your instructional background.

I have a masters degree in percussion performance from Colorado State University. I'm now teaching there as an adjunct in the percussion and Jazz areas. This semester I'm taking over for Dr. Eric Hollenbeck while he is on sabbatical. I perform professionally in several genres of music on percussion, drumset, and electric bass. I taught the Blue Knights World Percussion Ensemble for two years and teach/arrange for several high schools in Colorado and Texas. My website has more information

In all of the shows you were involved in as a performer, which one was your favorite and why?

My favorite was Fossil Ridge High School 2012. It was a great staff and great synergy of students. We won our first state title that year. Very good memories.

How/why did you get hooked on drum corps?

It's a very dynamic activity! The coordination of great music, movement, and visual design is only matched by great opera or musical theatre. With the addition of electronics, the sky is the limit. I was exposed to so many pieces from the classical repertoire from listening to and watching drum corp as a high school/college student.

What excites you about being involved in the launch of The Battalion?

I've been on the ground floor of two high school programs and there is nothing like it for the staff and the students! You're creating history every day by building the group and what it represents.

What should students expect out of the BEX Audition Events? How can they get the most out of it?

I approach every group I teach as a chance to help the students learn as much as possible about music through the lens of whatever the activity happens to be. Technique, theory, touch, nuance, etc. I also try to relate everything we do to 'real life'. Helping the students build skills they will use for the rest of their life. Come with a open mind and a good work ethic!

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