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The Battalion Secures A Bold Look

We knew we couldn't create an impact on the drum corps activity unless we secured an impactful look. Today, we are excited to announce that we have acquired the beautiful and bold uniforms you see in the image above.

Their previous owners, The Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps, obtained new uniforms this year, and we were more than excited when were able to secure them for the 2016 members of The Battalion Drum & Bugle Corps. We were able to purchase these uniforms thanks to the first generous donations made to support our capital campaign.

These uniforms -- designed by Fred J. Miller, Inc. -- utilize a traditional-style while still remaining forward-thinking and relevant in today's DCI environment.

The deep reds, whites, and blacks provide a vivid and stark look that reflects the beauty of Utah's incredible natural rock formations in Moab and Zion's National Park.

Interested in wearing these uniforms yourself? Register today for The Battalion Drum & Bugle Corps' first clinic and learn how you can! To sign up, click here.

If you're interested in helping The Battalion Drum & Bugle Corps secure additional assets, click here check out our capital campaign page and learn how!

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