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November Battalion Experience Recap

We couldn't be more excited for the future after hosting our inaugural Battalion Experience (BeX) clinic! The event impacted the lives of 200 students, as they honed their skills and were exposed to a small taste of the drum and bugle corps experience. Here are some of the highlights:

BeX attendees took to social media to voice their reactions after the clinic:

  • "One of the best experiences I've had with this activity so far." - attendee from Logan, UT

  • "It was truly an awesome experience! I'm glad I went!" - attendee from Spanish Fork, UT

  • "Best experience of my life! I met new people and came closer to others." - attendee from Saratoga Springs, UT

  • "Definitely an amazing experience. Everyone should come to the next clinic!" - attendee from Roy, UT

  • "This was a really awesome weekend thanks Battalion!" - attendee from Provo, UT

  • "I miss it already! Thanks to everybody who made this weekend a success." - attendee from Pleasant Grove, UT

And more broadly, members of the local community and drum corps family alike shared their enthusiasm:

  • "Thank you for creating the amazing experiences these kids had." – fan from American Fork, UT

  • "Inspired and thrilled that Utah will soon boast a drum corps! My nephew attended this camp and our family is stoked for the future. Best wishes to The Battalion team!" - fan from Murray, UT

  • "Can't wait to see The Battalion out west." - fan from San Diego, CA

  • "Very cool! Wishing you great success and looking forward to seeing you in Oregon in 2016!!" - fan from Portland, OR

We are excited for everything that is to come! Our next BeX event will be held in May/June 2015. More info on the exact date and location to come.

In the interim, the executive team of our organization is tasked with securing the funds necessary to purchase instruments for these incredible students to use for years to come. Help support this exciting young corps by contributing to our instrument fund today.



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