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Josh has served on the Battalion Drum and Bugle Corps Board of Directors since 2019. He is a long-time supporter for the Drum Corps Activity.  He believes passionately that Drum Corps is an outstanding mechanism for turning young students into outstanding and exceptional adults.


Professionally Josh works in the Real Estate Industry with his Brokerage Mansell Real estate, which has been Utah’s largest independent brokerage since 1975.  In-fact, he and his Brokerage have been key sponsors for DCI’s Corps Encore event, held annually at Weber State University.  In recent years Josh has also served on the board committee as part of the Ascend Performing Arts/Blue Knights organization to organize and operate the competition.


Josh is a die-hard Utah Jazz fan and can commonly be found at the Arena for every home game cheering on his team.


Josh and his wife Nicole live in Lehi, Utah and have a son named Marcus.  Josh speaks fluent Italian, and in addition to their own child, Josh and Nicole have been the parents of many international exchange students from Italy.

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