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Mariann Liddiard has served as our Color Guard Caption head for the past 4 years and has been with us from the beginning. She brings with her 18 years of color guard instructing experience and 28 years of teaching and leadership experience. She has worked with and built high school teams as a color guard director in Utah with American Fork High School, Payson High School, Mountain Crest High School, Lehi High School, and Westlake High School. She also worked as a staff member for the United Spirit Association during the 1990-1991 summer seasons.

Mariann attended Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University and is currently pursuing a degree at Brigham Young University. She performed with the Brigham Young University Cougar Marching Band as a member of the weapons line and later served as a choreographer and instructor during the 1990-1994 seasons. Mariann was also a member of the Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Team and the Utah Valley University Ballroom Dance Team. She also served on the UVU Student Council.

She is an active community member, having served as a Parent Teacher Association legislative representative, Parent Teacher Association vice president, Parent Teacher Association president, Pony Express School Community Council member, and Alpine School District Community Council member. She also serves in her church, where she has worked with the Young Women and Relief Society presidencies. Mariann has also served as religious instructor and Cub Scout leader. Her most valued accomplishment is marrying the perfect man and becoming a mother and raising five beautiful boys

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