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Director's Desk - BEX Recap

Dear friends,

We have had an exciting couple of months here at The Battalion, beginning in March with the official receipt of our “new” uniforms from the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps, and concluding in May with the resounding success of our second Battalion Experience clinic.

More than 250 youths from three different states have attended our clinics so far, and thanks to the world-class educational team we’ve assembled, excitement continues to mount among potential members as we ramp up for the corps’ first audition in November!

In conjunction with the community performance at the end of our May Battalion Experience event, we hosted a sprint fundraiser which infused an additional $1,500 into our capital campaign for instruments.

To everyone who has contributed to the campaign thus far, we say THANK YOU!

Those of you who have contributed are having a direct impact on changing the lives of thousands of youths in our area. We’re not saying that for dramatic effect or because we love hyperbole. As many who have participated or volunteered in the activity already know, drum corps is more than an opportunity to perform on marching music’s greatest stage, and it’s more than an outlet for young people to express themselves in a way they never thought possible.

Drum and bugle corps is a vehicle for creating future thinkers, scholars, and leaders in communities all over the country. It helps young adults discover that they can do hard things, overcome adversity, and make their own luck through hard work and tenacity.

Won’t you help us build that vehicle in Utah?

Now is the time to double down, dig in, and come together to give The Battalion the most successful launch possible. If you are in a position to do so, please consider contributing to our capital campaign here.

If you happen to work with the charitable arm of your company and are excited about providing an incredibly positive vehicle for creating the future leaders of our community, please contact me directly at

Let’s do this! Let’s make this happen. ONWARD!

All my best,


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