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Jay Cunningham is a performer and educator local to Boulder, Colorado. He has been a part of several successful high school, college, WGI, and DCI programs, mostly specializing in the marching snare drum. Beginning at Monarch High under the influence of Scott Reno and Steve Turney, Jay received 4 consecutive RMPA PSO Gold medals with Monarch Indoor Percussion as well as a 10th place finish in PSO WGI finals, ending his senior year as battery captain and center snare. After graduating from Monarch High School, Jay went to the University of Colorado, Boulder and joined the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Jay is currently completing his 4th season with the GBMB, ending his senior year as battery captain and center snare. Jay will be finishing up his degree in Environmental Studies in 2018.

            Jay began his independent WGI experience with Rise Percussion out of Denver, Colorado in 2015. In his time at Rise he has been taught by Jake Euler, Benjamin Belleau, Ryan Lynette, Kali Ridal, Shalamar Georgia-Clark, and several other prominent Colorado educators. Jay is currently in his 4th season with Rise Percussion, and 3rd consecutive year as battery captain and center snare. In his time at Rise he has received 2 back-to-back PIO fan favorite awards and a PIO silver medal.

            Jay started out his DCI experience with The Battalion as a founding member in the summer of 2016. Jay received instruction from Alex Entin, Michael Williams, Mariel Hatch, Josh Jensen, and Joe Musick in his time at The Battalion, cementing a foundation for proficiency in rudimental percussion as well as visual demand. To finish out his DCI career, Jay aged-out with the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps out of Dubuque, Iowa for the 2017 season. In his time there he had the privilege of working closely with Benjamin Pyles, Jack Fry, Oliver DeLotto, and a familiar face from Rise and CU, Boulder- Kali Ridal. Jay aged-out as center snare for the Colts.

            Jay’s career as an educator began in late 2015 as the battery instructor for Gateway High School in Aurora, CO. Since then, he has taught private lessons to local students, and has been on the battery instructional staff at Monarch High School for both fall and winter seasons since 2016. At Monarch, Jay specializes in teaching the snare line, as well as all other sections of the battery, including their marching/visual package for the winter percussion program, helping them to 2 consecutive RMPA PSO Gold Medals. Jay is very excited to begin helping out with the battery visual program for The Battalion’s 2018 season!

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